Overshadowed Soldiers: The Native Americans

Native Americans

When the French American war started, it was inevitable that the America’s residents would end up being involved someway as their territory was fought over. The Native Americans have a strong history of survival so they decided it was in their interest to join the war in order to have some discipline over who would rule their land, and ultimately, give them the best living conditions.

They were careful strategists as well as they recognised that the Americans were gradually listening to the British more and more. As a result, the Native Americans were being given less and less land to live on. Fortunately for the French Major, Marquis de Vaudreuil-Cavagnal, this was an opportunity he wasn’t going to miss in giving the Native Americans one more reason to join them in their fight.

Really interestingly, to build bonds with the Native Americans, the Major dressed as they did and even learnt their language! In return for their service, they were promised free control to attack British settlements and take their weapons for their own use. Unfortunately for them, neither the French nor the British considered the needs or wants of the Native Americans.

This became apparent when there were more and more arguments about the Native Americans wanting to take not only weapons, but personal possessions of captured British and Americans, which they saw as their right. After all, without them, the French would never have been able to navigate the harsh North American landscape.

The Native Americans expertise taught the French how to hunt for food and to utilise the surrounding land in their battle plans. After all, this knowledge saved the French from ambush on many occasions. One in particular was an attack from a British troop led by a young George Washington! They taught them how to use dogs to help them hunt and how to keep them healthy with pet supplements found around the area, check it out here.

Unfortunately, after they were again denied access to the personal possessions of George Washington’s troop, the Native Americans massacred many of the prisoners. It was after this that their alliance ended and I can’t help but wonder how different the war would have been for the French if the Native Americans had stayed.